Wallpaper Groups: Part Three

Wallpaper Groups: Part Three

I’ve got three more wallpaper groups for you today! 

Group pmg 

A common pattern in this group is zigzag lines or chevron. In fact, my woven arches pattern that I’ll share below is really just a decorative chevron design when you think about it!

There are reflections in one direction (the vertical solid yellow lines) and glide reflections in a perpendicular direction (the horizontal dashed blue lines).

There are also two points where you can rotate the pattern 180° as shown by the pink diamonds.


Group pgg

This group was new to me, I don’t think I had ever made a pattern like this before. It was helpful for me to look at simplified example patterns (such as here or here) to understand how to construct a new pattern.

One way to think about this pattern is to focus on the sun and moons motif and how it is reflected across the surface. On the left hand side, I’ve outlined the four variations of the sun and moons motif. If you look at top left tile and flip it horizontally, you get the tile below it. If you reflect it vertically, you get the tile in the top right. Rotate it 180° (same as reflecting it both horizontally and vertically) and you get the tile in the bottom right. This group of four reflected sun and moon motifs is what makes up the rest of the surface pattern.


The image on the right hand side shows some of the glide reflection axes and the points where you can rotate the pattern 180° degrees. There are no reflections in this pattern group.

I’m glad I tried out this new symmetry type, I think it created a very compelling design! It isn’t an obvious repeat that my eye can pick up on right away but I definitely sense the underlying structure and organization at first glance.

Group cmm

This is a symmetry group you’ve seen before! The left image shows that this is just the common brick layout. In this particular pattern, my bricks are stacked vertically (not a good building choice!).

Another way to describe this symmetry group is that there are reflections in two directions, a few points where you can rotate the pattern 180° degrees (shown as pink squares), including one rotation point that is not on a reflection axis.

This is a pattern I made with paper cut outs. You can make some interesting patterns with the basic shapes of circles and squares.


9 pattern groups down and 8 more to go!

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